45 Years of German Division


The museum is open every wednesday, friday, saturday and sunday from 1pm to 5pm.

New special exhibition: Reappraisal - The GDR in the culture of remembrance

The exhibition " Reappraisal - The GDR in the Culture of Remembrance" tells the story of how the history of the SED dictatorship and the division of the state have been dealt with since the end of the GDR.


The exhibition of the Federal Foundation for the Reappraisal of the SED Dictatorship is a contribution to the Year of Remembrance 2024, which marks 75 years since the founding of the German state and 35 years since the Peaceful Revolution.

The Museum

The Borderlandmuseum Bad Sachsa was founded in 1992 and, with 344 square metres of exhibition space, is one of the smaller Borderland museums. The museum has no outdoor areas.

Mission Statement

We want to present the German division from 1945 to 1990 in a non-partisan and historically accurate way. It is important for us to convey that this part of German history is directly related to the catastrophe of the Second World War and the reorganisation of Europe (and the world) after the end of the war. Within this reordering, Germany became the interface of socio-political antagonisms between East and West, which only became meaningless and overcome with the decline of the totalitarian states at the end of the 1980s.


- Preserving the originals, artefacts and memories of the border.
- Remembering the horrors of state despotism in the formerly divided Germany.
- To warn of the effects of political ideology and oppression.


The Borderland Museum Bad Sachsa can only depict part of the actual historical events. We strive for balance in the presentation and the inclusion of as many aspects of the German division as possible. We want to make our contribution to the understanding of democracy and to coming to terms with the history of German division.
Our museum concept is based on the three pillars of exhibitions, events and cooperation. The museum is run on a voluntary basis.


The Borderland Museum Bad Sachsa is a cooperation partner of the local secondary schools. The aims of the agreement with the Pädagogium boarding school and the Bad Sachsa secondary school are the joint development of historical and socio-political topics and the strengthening of democratic decision-making among young people.

Conserve - Remind - Admonish

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