Permanent exhibition

The permanent exhibition displays and illustrates, in chronological order, the demarcation, partitioning and reunification of Germany, using original exhibits, dioramas and document reproductions in German and in English.  

Virtual tour

Access to the exhibition is barrier free, enabling entry for persons of limited mobility or in wheelchairs. 

Exhibition section A


The end of World War II and the German partitioning began in dust and rubbish of destroyed cities and counties.

Exhibition section B

  • Land swap in July 1945 in the Southern Harz region.
  • Border crossing and smuggling at the demarcation line.






Photographed by Klaus Steenken

  • May 1952, from demarcation line to a regular border.
  • Establishment of the border protection and border supervision in the east and west between 1952 and 1960.








Photographed by Klaus Steenken

Exhibition section C

Escapes from the GDR (in the Southern Harz region) between 1949 and 1989.






















Photographed by Klaus Steenken

Exhibition section D

  • The demarcation by barbed wire and mines, the border removal between 1961 and 1989.






Photographed by Klaus Steenken

  • Misalignment of the border protection in the backland of the GDR, border signal fence and locking fence.








Photographed by Klaus Steenken

Exhibition section E

  • Border opening in the autumn of 1989.
  • Reunification in 1990.
  • Demolition of the border locking arrangements in 1991.

Exhibition section F

The way in the German 2 stateness, from the beginning of the Second World War up to the foundation of the Federal Republic of Germany and German democratic republic.








Photographed by Klaus Steenken